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Welcome to the Certified Rental Building Program


The Certified Rental Building Program was developed by the Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario to provide rental housing consumers with a quality assurance alternative they can count on when selecting their rental apartment home.

It is the only multi-residential apartment building “certification” program in North America, which assures tenants they are choosing a well-run, well-managed building each and every time they select their home in a Certified Rental Building. The program ensures that each successfully certified building practices over 36 established building management and customer service standards. These standards assure prospective tenants that when they choose to live in a Certified Rental Building they are also selecting a Property Manager and staff that care about the quality of their building and the quality of service provided to tenants.

The core focus of the program is to protect tenants from renting in a poorly maintained building or from a property manager that offers an inadequate quality of service to its tenants. Any time a tenant or prospective tenant sees the Certified Rental Building logo at a multi-residential apartment building in Ontario, they know they can count on it for quality assurance and peace of mind once they have selected their apartment home.


Why Choose a Certified Rental Building?

For all, tenants and consumers alike, choosing a place to live and to call their home is an important decision in their daily lives. For rental-housing consumers selecting a multi-residential apartment building can be a guessing game when it comes to deciding whether or not the apartment building is well-maintained and if the Property Manager managing the building is committed to providing the tenants of the building with good quality service. 

Tenants and prospective tenants across Ontario can now have peace of mind and rent with confidence when selecting their home in a building that has met the rigorous requirements of the Certified Rental Building Program. This includes a requirement that each Property Manager and the respective building staff have successfully demonstrated compliance with the program's Standards of Practice. This includes the following:

  • Strict Adherence to regular building cleaning schedules
  • Effective communications with tenants when building repairs are necessary
  • Response to tenant inquiries within two business days
  • Human rights responsibilities practiced with tenants & employees
  • Properly maintained elevators
  • Adherence to provincial fire and building codes
  • Well-maintained heating and cooling equipment
  • Annual suite inspections
  • Continuous education program for staff
  • Tenant information stored in compliance with PIPEDA
  • Interest on last month's rent paid to tenants
  • Provision of emergency contact information to tenants





Look for the Certified Rental Building Program symbol as your quality assurance choice when selecting your apartment home. Ask the Property Manager and their staff of your prospective new apartment home if their buildings have successfully met the rigorous standards of the Certified Rental Building Program.


Program’s Objectives:

  • To clearly identify for rental housing consumers “good” buildings and “good” property managers.

  • Provide rental housing consumers with a quality assurance alternative when selecting their apartment home

  • To approve and classify multi-residential apartment buildings across the Ontario marketplace that meet a defined set of industry quality assurance standards for rental housing consumers.

 Program’s Guiding Principles:

  • To endeavor to empower rental housing consumers with the tools and knowledge that will lead them to greater satisfaction with their rental-housing decision and the ensuing relationship with their rental property manager.

  • To continually promote integrity and professionalism in the rental-property industry across Ontario.

  • To provide a consistent high level of service assurance, quality of product, respect and peace of mind for rental-housing consumers.

  • To conduct the Certified Rental Building Program with honesty, fairness and integrity.

  • Promote and work cooperativley with other industry stakeholders to enhance the products and services delivered to rental-housing customers and rental property managers/owners.

  • To continually promote and raise the quality assurance bar as it relates to tenants’s satisfaction with their rental-property decision.

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