Certified Rental Building Program- Rent with Confidence

Not Part of the CRBP Team? Facts to think about



Are you a property manager committed to quality, service and sustainable building operations? Want a well recognized way to show this commitment to quality to the rental housing consumer?


If you answered "YES" to these questions then it's time to become a CRBP Member.



What do you have to do to qualify for the CRB Program?

For a building to qualify, it must meet the mandatory requirements of the program:

  • Abide by FRPO's and the CRB Program's Member Code of Conduct
  • Adhere to the Program's Mandatory Standards of Practice
  • Successfully comply with the mandatory third-party audit process (audited by J.D. Power and Associates)
  • Have identified staff successfully complete the Program's training & education component


What are the CRBP Mandatory Standards of Practice?

Standards of practice are industry-leading processes, routines and activities that foster professional management and quality service. The CRB program's quality benchmarks have now grown to over 50 Standards of Practice, all focused on raising the "quality-assurance" bar for Ontario rental-housing consumers.


The Standards of Practice relate to professional management processes, practices, and routines in the following areas:

  • Resident Management Practices
  • Human Resources Policies & Practices
  • Building Management & General Operations
  • Financial & Accounting


Why do we need to be audited to become a CRBP Property Manager?

Certification under the CRB Program means quality and service. We want to ensure that certification status is conferred only upon those buildings and/or community of buildings that are in full compliance with the Program's Standards of Practice. It's important to the program and to the rental housing consumer.


A third party audit by J.D. Power and Associates provides independent verification that a building, associated staff and the property manager have met all the requirements.



If we pass the audit are there any other requirements?

Approved buildings are enrolled in the program for three years at which time a full re-audit and re-certification is required to maintain CRBP status. However, the Certified Rental Building Program takes its "Rent with Confidence" quality assurance symbol very seriously. Mini audits are randomly conducted to ensure standards are continually and consistently being met.


Want more information about the CRB Program and the many benefits Property managers, building staff and tenants achieve through participation and certification. Contact Ted Whitehead, Director of Certification at Phone: 416-385-1100 or by email.