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The importance of “green” – What's your view?

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The Certified Rental Building Program believes taking action to “green” building operations is important. The “Living Green Together” Environmental Standards are tangible evidence of this commitment.


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1. Is a "greener" apartment building a factor in your decision about where to rent?

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  • No

2. How important is a "greener" apartment building in your decision about where to rent.

  • Extremely important
  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • I don't factor “green” into my rental decision
  • I don't really care about environmental issues

Tips from Tenants to Tenants

We want to hear from you! Got a tip for how tenants can conserve energy or water, reduce waste, increase reuse and recycling, "green" their apartment cleaning processes or generally promote "greener" apartment living. Let us know through the share your tips

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While we're waiting to hear from you, here's a quick tip

Unplug your cell-phone charger from the power socket once your phone is charged.

Your charger continues to draw electricity even after your cell phone is removed.

Share your “Green”Living Tips

Share your “Green” Living Tenant tips. Become part of the “greening” solution. If you want to be acknowledged for the tip, make sure you either include your name or initials in the message

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