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In the News


Ontario’s rental buildings are certifying green


FRPO’s Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program is fast becoming the quality assurance marker of choice for renters throughout Ontario. Developed in 2008, it is the only multi-residential certification program of its kind in North America, with the presence of its banner indicating to potential residents that a property is clean, well-run, well-managed, and now, environmentally responsible.


This past May, the program broadened its criteria to include 11 environmental operating standards to the 36 standards already in place. An Environmental Management Policy outlining environmentally friendly operating procedures and practices is something all CRB buildings now must offer—this, accompanied by an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy detailing usage of products and services that minimize environmental and human health impacts. To adhere to the standards, buildings also must demonstrate an overall commitment to energy, water and waste management; have energy and water-saving fixtures installed throughout the common areas of the building, and heavily promote conservation.


Those seeking CRB certification must undergo regular audits by J.D. Power & Associates to ensure compliance and monitor continued commitment to the program, making certification an ongoing achievement.


FRPO’s President & CEO Scott Andison expects that the addition of the new environmental operating standards will benefit residents, building managers and Ontario communities alike. “Within the next few months over 950 multi-residential apartment buildings, housing over 225,000 residents, will be an active part of this ‘grassroots’ environmental program,” Andison says. “This, no doubt, will contribute to lower energy consumption and create greener apartment communities across Ontario.”


In Toronto, WJ Properties became the first property manager to enroll in the CRB Program and to receive official status. Councillor John Parker (Ward 26 Don Valley West) and select FRPO executives gathered at WJ Properties’ 7 St. Dennis Drive (pictured above) on July 24th to mark the occasion. “I am very impressed with the Certified Rental Building Program,” Councillor Parker remarked. “Certification helps renters in a community have confidence in the buildings in which they live. I am very pleased that the program has now come to our Flemingdon Park community.”


In Mississauga, Park Property Management Inc.’s 2797 Battleford was the first of its district to recertify in the program. Residents and community leader Councillor Pat Saito gathered at the building to celebrate what they consider to be a great achievement. “The CRB program’s new environmental-operating standards are an ideal match with Park Property’s goal to reduce our environmental-operating footprint, and to create greener apartment communities for our residents and staff,” said Margaret Herd, Park Property’s Vice President. “We are very pleased to be the first property manager in the City of Mississauga to be certified under the new ‘Living Green Together’ standards.”


In Kingston, Osgoode Properties’ Westview Place was the first property manager in the area to enrol in the new CRB Program, celebrating on location with residents and community leaders including Kingston Mayor Mark Garretsen and Councillor Sandy Berg.


FRPO’s Director of Certification Ted Whitehead hopes to see more members embrace the new program, and urges current members to work together with residents in order to push things to the next level. “The success of the CRBP’s Environmental Standards depends on our members working effectively with their residents to strengthen and support a greener environment,” he says. “By engaging and encouraging residents to do the small painless things to conserve energy, like turning down the thermostat, turning off lights when they leave for work or recycling their garbage and waste correctly – then everyone wins! We can create a culture of environmental caring and greener apartment communities across Ontario.”