Certified Rental Building Program- Rent with Confidence

Rent With Confidence

We Focus on Quality


The Certified Rental Building Program doesn't just talk about quality, it's required. This includes:

  • Strict adherence to daily, weekly and monthly building cleaning schedules;
  • Properly maintained elevators;
  • Well maintained heating and cooling equipment;
  • Adherence to provincial fire and building codes;
  • Annual suite inspections;
  • Pest Management Practices;
  • A commitment to creating a smaller environmental footprint for building operations;
  • Employee professionalism that includes training requirements for staff.

Plus there's more... A focus on quality is only part of the Certified Rental Building Program assurance difference. CRBP Members are equally focused on service and on “greening” their operations.


In choosing to rent a CRB apartment, you can count on a responsible landlord who will not only take pride in the way that they manage your building, but who will also provide you with superior customer service throughout your tenancy.


Find a CRB apartment home and “Rent with Confidence”! Why live anywhere else?