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Planning on Moving? Move with Confidence

Move with Confidence

Did you know, many experts rate moving as the third most stressful event that you will endure in your life?

When moving, there are a myriad of decisions to be made, people to contact and notify about your move and new address, services to disconnect and reconnect, and you haven't even gotten to the packing part.

  • What factors should you consider when trying to decide if you will move yourself or hire a mover?
  • Where can you get advice on hiring a mover and find information about your consumer rights when signing a contract for moving services?
  • Who do you need to provide change of address information to? While some people and organizations are simple to identify, have you thought about your driver's license, car registration, health insurance, and even Canada Revenue Agency?

Want answers to these questions and many more? Want to learn how to take the stress out of moving?

The Certified Rental Building Program (CRB) has tips for moving that will ease you into your new apartment home. Sign–up below to get your copy of the CRB "Move with Confidence" Guide or ask for your copy at any Certified Rental Building.



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