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What is the Certified Rental Building Program?


The Certified Rental Building Program is North America’s first and only quality assurance certification program for multi-unit residential apartment buildings. The goal of the program is to promote professionalism in the rental housing industry while providing tenants with a quality assurance alternative when selecting a rental apartment home.


This certification assures tenants they are choosing a well-run, well-managed building each and every time they select their home in a Certified Rental Building.

Why was this program created?


At times it can be difficult to know where to rent. How can you tell which buildings and landlords provide good quality service and well-run and managed buildings?


The Certified Rental Building Program was created, in part, to answer these questions. By developing and implementing a consistent set of industry specific quality assurance standards that are third party verified, it becomes easier for the rental housing consumer to make an informed decision on where to rent.


From a property manager perspective, the Certified Rental Building Program provides an opportunity to differentiate themselves in a competitive market place. It provides the rental housing consumer with a clear statement that you are dealing with a Property Manager who takes pride in the way they manage their building and are focused on providing quality customer service.


How does a building become a Certified Rental Building?


To attain the coveted certification "Certified Rental Building" each building must:

  • Complete their own self-assessment of their management and operational practices for each building to ensure that they are in compliance with each of the Program's 50 Standards of Practice. All gaps or deficiencies need to be addressed.
  • The Property Manager and other building staff must complete the required training and education courses.
  • A third party audit by J. D. Power must be completed to verify compliance with all the program requirements. Any audit deficiencies must be successfully resolved.
  • The Certified Rental Building Program's Governance Committee reviews each building audit report, any reported gaps and corrective actions taken, and approves/disapproves each building presented for approval.

More Information about the CRBP


The Certified Rental Building Program is committed to making it easy for tenants to learn and inquire about the program, or to provide their feedback.


More information about the Certified Rental Building Program or a building's status in the program can be obtained: