Certified Rental Building Program- Rent with Confidence

The CRB Difference

Rent With Confidence

Rent with Confidence

Looking for a rental apartment home, that is:

  • clean
  • well_maintained_and_managed
  • focused_on_service
  • environmentally_responsible

Make sure you look for a Certified Rental Building (CRB). All Certified Rental Buildings meet these quality and service standards plus many more.

When you see the “Rent with Confidence” Certified Rental Building Program symbol you can be assured that the building and the property manager responsible for the building have met the many requirements of the only multi-residential apartment building quality assurance “certification” program in North America.

Independent third-party verification, through the respected auditor firm J.D. Power, provides you with the added assurance that CRBP buildings are in strict adherence with the Program’s quality, service and environmental Standards of Practice.

Find a CRB apartment home and live the CRB difference! Why live anywhere else?